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233- Bonus episode: Journey from Hobby-preneur to full startup

April 23rd, 2014

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How can you take a hobby (which can be your passion) down the road to become the focus of starting your own successful business with the skills from your “hobby”? And this becomes more important if your part-time hobby begins when you are a full-time employee?

In this Bonus episode of  The Struggling Entrepreneur, we explore a possible journey from polishing the skills of a “hobby” and then creating a successful entrepreneurial venture or Startup to become a full-time entrepreneur. The journey is one from being a “Hobby-Preneur” to a full-time Small Business Owner with a startup as an Entrepreneur.

There is a plan you can follow, which has been the blueprint to many successful entrepreneurs who started with their part-time hobby. This plan includes four major steps that can help you create your audiences, loyal fans, customers and folllowers — and then sell services, products or offerings to monetize your business and “hobby” skills. And finally, the plan can help you get beyond sales to something more satisfying as an Entrepreneur.

These four steps are:

1.  Recognition as a subject-matter expert;

2.  Acceptance as a “trusted advisor”;

3.  Monetization of your skills in the form of products, offerings, services and other resources by selling to others and helping them by being a “problem-solver”;

and finally,

4.  Recognition and invitation to share with others by becoming a “thought-leader.”

NOTE: This episode was recorded while I was “on the road” in the downtown area in an empty lounge of a hotel early in the morning. Although there is some ambient noise, I hope that this would not be too distracting. Also, with only a portable recorder, a lot of the resources to provide better quality audio was not available — e.g., pop filter, reduced noise, audio equalization, etc.

I wanted to capture the theme which was brought to our attention by feedback from some listeners to discuss these ideas.

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232- Adam Curry encourages older aspiring entrepreneurs into New Media businesses

March 31st, 2014

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Many Startup Entrepreneurs try different business models in their attempt to leave their full-time day jobs and become full-time Entrepreneurs, so that they can enjoy their passion, support themselves with their small business and deliver value to their customers.

Celebrity and Podcaster Adam Curry is such an Entrepreneur.

Adam Curry on

Born in 1964, he is “on the cusp” of the Baby Boomer range, and is one of the “last of the official Baby-Boomers.” He also has had a history of financial success in making millions, then spending them all, and then finally of being an Entrepreneur that found happiness by living his passion as a “Government Legislation Analyst” in his latest business of podcasting with his show of No Agenda.

After over 6 years of building a loyal audience, he  has proven that the road to his full-time Entrepreneurship is with the business model which he has proven successful — known as the VALUE-FOR-VALUE model.

But to many others in the New Media arena, Adam Curry is also known as the “Pod-Father” –  since he and Dave Winer created the ability to implement successful podcasting. It was this breakthrough that allowed him to explore audio podcasting and create a show that still has a tremendous worldwide following of loyal listeners (known by Adam as “producers” — like the ones in the Hollywood model of entertainment).

This came after a career with MTV and broadcasting. His media experience saw him as part of, (previously known as Podshow) with different podcasts that he also started (like the Daily Source Code).

However, almost seven years ago, he started his flagship podcast show called NO AGENDA with his co-host, columnist John C. Dvorak. As an entrepreneur, he has developed the format and content of the show.

You will notice that Adam Curry has several “firsts” in his success as a full-time podcaster-entrepreneur:

(1) He provides docoumented deconstruction, information of value and entertainment;

(2) He created his own position and title as a Government Legislation Analyst. Yes, he actually READS, analyzes and deciphers each governmental bill, proclamation, executive order, and United Nations document–and he even highlights the pertinent sections that can provide you, the listener, with critical thinking and and intelligent basis for making decisions and being well-informed. The documents and other valuable information are part of his extraordinary show notes, which are free to the listener from his podcast web site.

(3) He has proven that his business model of VALUE-FOR-VALUE can be a successful one (and so far, a sustainable one) by building a loyal audience and receiving willing donations for the value that the audience receives.

You will find out in this audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur what the factors are of his success. In turn, he recommends that Boomers who are aspiring entrepreneurs should also consider going into the New Media environment to start their own businesses — within podcasting, screencasting or videocasting, which are some examples.

From his own experience as a Boomer, he recommends that one should not allow “age-ism” (or age discrimination) to threaten or scare off a Boomer from making the decision to launch into this area — one in which the investment costs for entry are small and the learning of skills are within the means of most.

His jingles are simple, but catchy; his audio clips are thought-provoking; and even though he sometimes has a nickname as “Crackpot,” we wish him the best of luck with his proven model by saying to Adam:  “IN THE MORNING!”

To find out more about him, Adam suggests that you may want to see how he is perceived by others from the content published in wikipedia at


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231- Fundamentals of Small Business taxes and Note-taking study

March 24th, 2014

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This audio episode consists of audio narrations of 2 blog posts for small business owners.

1.  from the epodcastnetwork, we deliver the audio version of the post called FOUR FUNDAMENTALS OF SMALL BUSINESS TAXES; and

2. the post that discusses the study that showed results of effective learning that results from notetaking — via pen and paper in longhand or via a laptop.




This is a brief post (by admin.) from the Entrepreneur Podcast Network where you will get an idea of the recommended four fundamentals of Small Business Taxes:

- Keep good records

- Utilize Small Business Jobs Act Tax provisions

- Remember the Tax Credits under the ACA

- Avoid the common audit traps

To go to the web page and post directly, select the following link:



In this narration of the web site post, the article is repurposed to provide you a summary of the study that was conducted that highlights the more effective way of taking notes — pen and paper vs. laptop.

The outcome may surprise you.

Which do you think was found to be more effective in this study?

To go to the web page and post directly, select the following link:

We have included the links to the articles, as well as the web pages for these posts, so that we respect the attributions and owners of the copyrights.

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230- Case study: crowd-funding success by Entrepreneurs for niche conference

March 8th, 2014

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- What is this all about?

- How is it being funded?

- What is the key measurements for success?

* Different levels of backers with their own rewards

* Target funding for each level

* the deadline for funding and launching

- What are “backers?”

- How can an Entrepreneur use this technique for funding success of a Project in the business?

* Promotion is key

* Communities, “tribes,” followers, listeners, friends & viewers, etc.

* Plan your target amount of funding, dates-to-completion, etc.

* It doesn’t matter about age or experience — what matters is the value proposition and the benefit to the community for getting “backers” or contributors.

Other resources:

- Description of Kickstarter and crowd-funding from the podcast show of Michael Stelzner (aka Social Media Marketing Podcast).

You can listen to the audio episode where Michael Stelzner interviews the founder of Kickstarter at this link:


So where do I see the follow-up of this project? You can follow the project by doing a search (e.g., on on Podcast Movement.

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229- Entrepreneur success in growing business for Boomers’ careers- Marc Miller

February 20th, 2014

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In this episode, we explore entrepreneurship as a CAREER MOVE for Boomers. This is an interview with Marc Miller, who is himself a Baby Boomer. In the past, we did interview Marc when he had launched his business (which has since received a new name, due to his re-branding initiative).

NOTE: This episode is a repurposed podcast episode from the show called Boomers for Startups (since the theme of focus is the Baby Boomer audience of potential entrepreneurs). However, it can be of value to any aspiring entrepreneur or any necessity-preneur who sees himself in desperation.

Marc has a business, Career Pivot, that specializes in helping Baby Boomers make an effective career move — which goes beyond just “getting a job” — to enhance a Boomer’s life and next career. We focus in this episode on making a career move to become an Entrepreneur.

As you will hear in this audio episode, we get Marc Miller’s perspective about 5 types of Entrepreneurs:

- the Want-re-Preneur;

- the Necessity-Preneur;

- the Vetrepreneur;

- the Hobby-Preneur; and

- the Successfully planned career move to become an Entrepreneur — especially a Solo-preneur.

Currently, Marc is an author who had his first book published on

His book is called Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers. It is available in hardcopy and electronic formats at

As Marc states in the interview, many readers have said that this book is more of a manual and practical guide for boomers to plan a successful career move.

In addition to his counseling and consulting services, Mark plans to have a learning center with education courses and webinars. He has already been a public speaker with recent paid speaking engagements on the subject of Boomer career moves.

Marc has said he would give a good discount for any listeners who engage with his services or products or education webinars or tools if they mention that they heard about him in this podcast.

You can see the types of services, products, education and offerings that Marc provides at:  (web site)


You can reach Marc at:  (email)

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228- Entrepreneur creates community and revenue streams with Coworking- Adam Lupu of YETSpaceATX

February 12th, 2014

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Since 2008, we have explored the Coworking locations in our area and have also interviewed the founders to see what their value propositions were and the benefit they would bring to the communities they wanted to create.

However, this month is the start and launch of a new coworking location in the DOWNTOWN area — but the coworking business was NOT the principal revenue generator for Entrepreneur Adam Lupu and his co-founders of the location @YETSpaceATX.

This is a repurposed episode from the podcast show called Boomers for Startups. This interview took place at the YETSpaceATX location in downtown Austin.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Adam has had previous entrepreneurial experience in the past that included coworking locations. And from his lessons learned, as well as his planning — and especially the feedback of requirements and expectations from his coworking and event customers — he plans to make @YETSpaceATX a sustaining small business with a thriving and diverse community of talented, sharing and successful entrepreneurs.

He chose this month to have what he calls a “soft-launch” of the venture and he promoted it via the MEETUP facility.  You can take a look at the MEETUP details at the site for YETSpaceATX.

However, unlike other coworking businesses that have started with a bang, but later could not sustain the business, Adam is approaching this venture with multiple revenue streams. With his co-founders, he has his own small business with separate revenue as a learning scientist and instructor; he also has the venture’s primary current business as events and training seminars; and he will now go into the commercial world of events.

He also is encouraging the Baby Boomers to join his community, for he realizes that these Boomers bring talent, wisdom, experience, learning and sharing of essential qualities and resources that the younger generations lack — and this is what would bring a diverse membership together with a sustainable value proposition to make his new small business successful.

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227- Ray Ortega discovers magic in online Hangouts- at NMX

February 5th, 2014

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Having started as a video-caster, Ray Ortega now is a full-time podcaster in his employment and part-time Entrepreneur (with his podcast called The Podcasters Studio) who has led a year’s worth of google hangout sessions in his New Media Portfolio with The Podcasters Roundtable.

At the conference of The New Media Expo, Ray Ortega gives some recommendations for Boomers to explore and enter the space of New Media — especially podcasting.

In addition to his new podcast series that is also a google hangout, The Podcasters Roundtable, Ray also does consulting for podcasting — but only on demand. He does not promote himself aggressively in this arena, as there are others who do provide consultation and education courses for podcasting (mentioned are Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting).

You can listen to his free training on podcasting at his flagship podcast, The Podcasters Studio, at:

and also view or listen to his google hangout at:

NOTE: I sincerely apologize for being so aggressive in the interview and stepping over Ray’s responses several times. This was brought to my attention via feedback from listeners, and I will make every effort to correct this flaw of mine in discussions and interviews with others. Thank you for your understanding.

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226- Gary Leland — Entrepreneur launches electronic magazine business

February 2nd, 2014

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Sometimes the Entrepreneur who takes the risk and enters a new area as an early entrant or early adopter becomes successful in the new environment.

Such is the history of Baby Boomer Gary Leland, an Entrepreneur who made his mark in the Retail environment with a “brick-and-mortar” store — and has also seen success in the tech environment via podcasting, video and information marketing — and is now launching into the online training environment by teaching his successful methods of e-Commerce.

At the annual event, New Media Expo, Gary Leland now announced the launch of his latest venture into a different business — the Electronic Magazine business. It is called Podertainment at


As you will hear in this episode, Gary encourages the Boomers to go and get started in New Media by just “doing it” and improving as you go.

As he mentions during the interview, he is always looking for new opportunities to make money as an entrepreneur. In fact, his background and achievements speak for themselves to his success in reaching his life’s goal — to make more than a million dollars in his life.

Gary not only has built his small business to include the largest wallpaper store in Texas, but he has also been a success in a Sports store — with a niche in Softball.

However, he was an early adopter in Podcasting — and he learned how to monetize that with a couple of shows that he created, as well as being one of the first to create a Podcast Directory (which is still maintained, after 8 years in the Podosphere).

In addition, he moved into video and has over 200 episodes of Softball video. He also entered the virtual world of Second Life several years ago and had a fun run with Podcast Island, with a fair ROI.

Gary has shown that he will never stop getting creative ideas for new opportunities to monetize a situation, a product, a service or technology.

With an earlier venture called Success With Online Stores, he was the PRODUCT of his own membership site to deliver the training needed for entrepreneurs who wish to understand and implement the world of e-Commerce from one who has been successfully doing this since 1996.

Note: for any of our subscribers or listeners that wish to get this training, Gary is offering a 20 per cent discount if they include the following text when signing up:  “I like Fred’s hat.”

This shows his never-ending sense of humor, and so he will always remain for us with his nicknames of “P-dilly” and “Podcast Pickle.”

You can find out more about Gary Leland and his info properties at:
His electronic magazine that publishes in February is at
His fastpitch video shows are at Fastpitch.TV
Have you seen his new Softball Magazine Fastpitch Magazine for the iPad??
His networks of sporting goods websites
You can visit for a great selection of podcasts.

You can visit his wallpaper & decorating store at


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225- Rob Walch at NMX – app developer and part-time entrepreneur

January 31st, 2014

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In this brief interview, Rob Walch (the VP of Podcaster Relations for describes the ease in which an aspiring entrepreneur can get into podcasting — to enhance a startup firm or to get a message out to a community.

This is especially true for the those who want to create their own startup and stand out from the rest (who may only have a blog) for both awareness and monetization purposes.

As you will hear in this audio episode, we deliver this interview from the show floor of the exhibit area of the conference called The New Media Expo, where Rob was exhibiting at the Libsyn booth.

What is important for the aspiring Boomer entrepreneurs is that there is a free tutorial for those who want to know how to start podcasting in a step-by-step manner. Rob has created the Podcasting 101 Tutorial at his web site of

Also, Rob was one of the first developers to create and market an app for the iPhone/iPad platforms. It is the Tii app (i.e., “today in iOS”).

Finally, Rob describes the benefits of hosting media on –  not only providing the storage for the audio, video and other files, but also the assistance from Libsyn in promoting and helping to monetize your podcast and app.

Rob also gave the information for getting free hosting during a promotional period at the beginning of the year. Details are available in the audio episode.

You may contact Rob at:

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224- Dave Jackson enters Online training and Learning Center education

January 28th, 2014

Select this link to listen to the audio episode.

We deliver an interview with Dave Jackson of from the show floor of the exhibit hall of the conference called The New Media Expo.

In this episode, Dave updates us on how he is branching out yet again — this time into the area of education and training, with his own LEARNING CENTER that is delivering a course called HOW TO PODCAST IN SIX WEEKS.

This is in addition to the book he has authored, MORE PODCAST MONEY, and also his consulting services and webinars from his flagship business and podcast called SCHOOL OF PODCASTING.

Dave Jackson

Since 2005, Dave Jackson has always tried to help other podcasters in learning tips and hints on how to improve the craft of this New Media marketplace. After delivering multiple presentations, he finally put to the written word his recommendations on monetizing podcast episodes in his ebook.

Morepodcastmoney web siteDave Jackson also included some recommendations and positive suggestions for the Baby Boomer audience to get into the podcasting and New Media space.

Dave will also give you a 30 per cent discount for his products, services and offerings when you mention the discount coupon code FRED30.

You can  contact Dave Jackson at:


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