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244- From doing Infomercials to ConversionCast success — Tim Paige

July 24th, 2014

From doing Infomercials, Tim Paige is a success story who overcame the financial burden that kept him in his day job of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

Tim became a subject matter expert in the area of online marketing and converting leads to committing to a call-to-action (with the optimal action as a final sale of a product, service or other offering after the opt-in process).

Tim provides free deliverables that give an incentive for the online leads to respond to the call-to-action. This has been one of the tactics that has brought him the revenue and success story with Leadpages.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Tim’s deliverables provide an example for executing the strategies for getting the call-to-action completed and getting revenue from sales. For the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become online marketers, this could be a good resource to examine and possibly follow — almost like a “template-like” approach.

In addition, his success in becoming a key podcaster that was invited to be on the stage for an industry conference is an example that can give confidence for aspiring entrepreneurs to reach the notoriety within the industry of the business for the Boomers.

Tim’s contact information is:

email ID:

web site:

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243- Business Finances Starter Kit for Entrepreneurs – an overview

July 17th, 2014

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SE_albumart300CFor the Struggling Entrepreneur, getting a tool kit that has the proper templates for creating the business, launching the business, then running and managing the business is critical — especially if the learning curve is very small and the cost is reasonable (i.e., not expensive).

This episode delivers an overview of a very inexpensive “tool kit” that is described as a BUSINESS FINANCES STARTER KIT.  This overview will be followed by a detailed evaluation in a later episode, along with a free pdf file that provides a checklist for focusing on the revenue-generating tasks to grow your business and to stay away from low-priority tasks and distractions.

As you will hear in this audio episode, there are 4 planning sheets, as well as the following forms in standard formats to assist you:

- Business Basics Checklist;

- Business Associates Information Form;

- Monthly Expense Checklist;

- Partnership checklist;

- Expense Budget Workbook;

- Income Snapshot Workbook;

- Travel Expense Workbook;

- Affiliate Income Tracking Workbooks;

- Goal-setting worksheets (using the SMART criteria);

- Profitability Analysis Worksheet;

- Expense Estimate Worksheet;

- Business Plan template.

As is stated in the audio episode, the starter kit can be purchased for the price of $19 US dollars at:


Note: there is a lifetime update offer for purchasing the forms packages at:

In the audio episode, it is also stated that you can get the forms separately.

In an agreement with the owner of, Lisa Wells, we will be doing this evaluation over the next several weeks, and we will report to you in a future episode the results.

Thank you,

The Struggling Entrepreneur



Copyright (c) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Lisa Wells of All rights reserved. Published on this site with written permission from Lisa Wells.

242- 7 Tips for coining Titles – blogpost audio narration

July 13th, 2014

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For an Entrepreneur, a good TITLE for signature systems, products or programs is key for making the impact desired for attention, awareness and promotion — along with many other results. This blogpost delivers seven tips for “coining” such a lucrative title for these objectives.

The content includes suggestions and recommendations for the words that could make a difference in creating your TITLES.

The blogpost is by Angelique Rewers and was published in 2014 from the main web site of as an article.

This audio episode is repurposed as an audio narration from this article or post.

The bio of  the author is published at the end of the article. You can read the article itself in entirety, as well as the bio, at the following link of the blogpost:

The resource mentioned in the article is the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer at:

Copyright (c) 2014, and Angelique Rewers (article content and bio), and Matrix Solutions Corporation (all non-article content). All rights reserved.

241- Entrepreneur Center–Is an Entrepreneur Incubator right for you?

July 3rd, 2014

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An incubator for Entrepreneurs can be a valuable resource. In this interview with Vane Hugo, Director of the Central Texas incubator, we explore what value an incubator provides for aspiring entrepreneurs. After listening to this discussion, perhaps you can decide if an incubator is right for you as an aspiring entrepreneur.


As you will hear in this audio episode,  Vane is a certified incubator director. He also has attended conferences and training for those running Entrepreneur incubators and accelerators. He has grown this organization and is delivering value to entrepreneurs by assisting them in funding, starting their business and growing their business.

In addition, you, as an Entrepreneur, can locate which incubator can support your local area by going to the web site of National Business Incubation Association:

You can also get additional resources from the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC – usually aligned with a college or university in local areas).


Vane has delivered a brief presentation with slides about the Center and its value to Entrepreneurs. You can access the presentation by selecting one of the links, below.

Select this link to view the video of the presentation by Vane Hugo about the benefits of the Texas Entrepreneur Center in Temple, Texas (mp4 version- 20 min.)


Select this link to view the presentation by Vane Hugo about the benefits of the Texas Entrepreneur Center in Temple, Texas (wmv version – 20 min.)

Here is the contact information for Vane Hugo:

Work Phone: (254) 298-8781

Work Email:

Web site:


Copyright (c) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved. Published with permission from Vane Hugo of the Texas  Entrepreneur Center.

240- Toolkit and Timeline for Entrepreneurs

June 25th, 2014

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There are many free resources to assist aspiring Entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch their startups. The recent conference called Innovation Week delivered a couple of these gems in a presentation by Kristen Buzzaird:

- Business Start Up Toolkit,


- Timeline for Starting a Business

This individual is an entrepreneur with several businesses with various legal entities. She is the president of Buzzaird Enterprises, Inc.

A link for the slides from the TOOLKIT presentation are available, below — with 81 detailed slides that deliver an overview of the considerations needed in planning to launch a startup, as well as the 10 common mistakes made by Entrepreneurs (and how to avoid them).

The audio episode will summarize the TOOLKIT and list the 10 mistakes.

It will also deliver a  discussion of the TIMELINE, with case studies and examples.


You may get the slides at the link, below.

 Select this link to view the slides of  called BUSINESS START UP TOOLKIT – presented by: Kristen Buzzaird.

You may reach Kristen Buzzaird at:


Other startup resources and checklists with tools that can help an entrepreneur create a startup can be found at

Also, here are the links to other resources mentioned in this episode:

Chris Benjamin Consulting, LLC (the “Rogue CFO”);


Finance for Startups (the free finance course);


Gain Control of Your Day (the free productivity course).

Copyright (c) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Kristen Buzzaird of Buzzaird Enterprises, Inc.  Content published with written permission from Kristen Buzzaird. All rights reserved.

239- Elements for creating a LEAN Startup – Steve Guengerich

June 18th, 2014

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In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we deliver a repurposed episode from the podcast series Boomers for Startups.

At the recent business conference called INNOVATION WEEK that was sponsored by, a presentation was given on the topic of INTRODUCTION TO LEAN STARTUPS by Steve Guengerich of His bio is given, below.

The content of this 45-minute session dealt with the core concepts of the lean startup,what they mean, and how to apply them. As Steve described:  “The language of the ‘lean startup’ has been so completely adopted by the field of entrepreneurship that it’s sometimes assumed everyone already knows shat an ‘MVP’ or ‘business canvas’ or ‘validated learning’ mean. Whether your new venture is tech-related or not, whether it is for-profit or nonprofit, lean startup principles probably have something to offer you that could help your business.”

As you will hear in the audio episode, this is the presentation. And the slides for the session are available in the link, below, in these show notes.



Select this link to access the slides from the presentation by Steve Guengerich.

You may contact Steve at:

Copyright (c) 2014, Steve Guengerich of All rights reserved. Published with permission from Steve Guengerich.

238- Focus for Entrepreneurs for Trademarks – Andrew Eisenberg

June 6th, 2014

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Many entrepreneurs may not have received legal advice and services from the proper attorneys prior to launching their startup and business. They may realize too late that they should have focused on key issues such as Trademarks for their name or tag-line, etc.

In this audio interview, patent attorney Andrew Eisenberg of Lee&Hayes at delivers a presentation on the need for Entrepreneurs to understand Trademarks and the benefits of securing them for their business intellectual property.

This interview took place right after he delivered a presentation about this same topic in an elective session during a business conference. You may find the links of the audio recording and the slides of the presentation, below, in the show notes.


Just before the one-on-one interview, Mr. Eisenberg delivered a presentation to a session of the conference known as Innovation Week at the location.

In this presentation, Mr. Eisenberg discusses why IP is important, and how Trademarks can provide an Entrepreneur the legal protection needed when there may be an infringement of a brand, name, mark, tag-line, etc. He delivers the process for registration and filing, the dangers of infringement and mistakes made by Entrepreneurs — with numerous case studies.

Select this link to listen to the presentation given by Andrew Eisenberg.


Select this link to view the slides from the presentation.


Copyright (c) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Andrew Eisenberg of All rights reserved. Published with written permission from Andrew Eisenberg.

237- Portal for Crowdfunding – Hall Martin of TEN

May 25th, 2014

The dynamic success of  CROWDFUNDING has given Entrepreneurs and Startups a new method of raising capital. But it is NOT automatic. An entrepreneur does not publish a web site with the info and then receive the funds. It can be a full-time endeavor, with tough challenges found in a true marketing campaign.

But what does it take to have a successful campaign?

 This is the audio recording of the presentation given by Hall Martin, Director  of the Texas Entrepreneur Network. The topic is CROWDFUNDING and what it means to the Entrepreneur.

The slides for the presentation are available in a link, below.

 Hall Martin discusses what Crowdfunding is and how it can be important for Entrepreneurs. He has a portal at that can assist the startup in pursuing new avenues of funding.

The topics are:

- Crowdfunding– what it is and how it works

- Crowdfunding models & new Intrastate ruling

- Elements of a crowdfunding campaign

- The Pitch video

- Campaign planning

- The Five most common mistakes in crowdfunding


 To access the slides for this presentation, select this link.

If you are interested in participating in the crowdfunding endeavor, Hall Martin can be reached at:

Copyright (c) 2014, Hall Martin of All rights reserved. Published with written permission by Hall Martin.

236- Why an effective Marketing Plan is critical for Entrepreneurs — Jay Ehret

May 16th, 2014

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Although there are numerous resources and providers of advice and tools on Entrepreneur Business Plans,  there is a key Entrepreneur who is focused on helping small business owners to create and execute an effective MARKETING PLAN — he is Jay Ehret of the Marketing Plan Podcast.

For those listeners of The Struggling Entrepreneur and Boomers for Startups, we deliver this message from a Baby-Boomer himself, Jay Ehret.

In his model, which he calls the Marketing Circle of Life, he delivers the 4 key elements of a successful Marketing plan — which should then become part of your Business Plan.

As you will hear in this audio episode, it can be said by the creator of products dealing with Business Plans that next to cash flow, MARKETING planning is the key ingredient to success for small businesses. In fact, you can get the audio interview of this Entrepreneur and founder of Palo Alto Software (and Business Plan Pro) at Jay Ehret’s Marketing Plan podcast.

Please note that we will deliver a full and complete 7-minute detailed look at the Marketing Circle of Life, as Jay Ehret will explain Marketing for the Entrepreneur and why this is critical.

This new venture into the world of detailed Marketing Planning is actually a part of Jay Ehret’s plan for his Marketing Spot business. As you will hear, he is extending his business to the European area first.

In addition to his free podcasts and new Marketing Planning business, Jay also has an education and Training Center, complete with courses and webinars, which benefit from all the content backed up by years of experience as a consultant for small businesses and Entrepreneurs.

You can get a discount on Jay’s services and offerings by letting him know that you heard about him and his businesses from this podcast.

Copyright (c) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation, with written permission for republication from Jay Ehret of All rights reserved.

235- Spirit of the Entrepreneur — audio narration

May 7th, 2014


Select this link to listen to the audio episode.


Select this link to listen to the audio episode.


What are the five characteristics that can make up the Spirit of the Entrepreneur?

In this audio narration of an article from, author Sarah Pierce briefly describes how these can take you and your business to success. The content is definitely evergreen.

If you want to go to the original article, you can select this link:

Spirit of the Entrepreneur

and you can read it. (Copyright (c) 2010, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved)

You hear about these characteristics from every writer who has produced content in any form about successful entrepreneurs — from being passionate about creating your own small business, to remaining positive and adaptable, and being a good leader with great ambition.

Copyright (c) 2010-2014, Sarah Pierce and and Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

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