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0B- Retrospective- monetizing podcasts as an Entrepreneur- an interview


During my hiatus, I wish to present this bit of evergreen information about podcast monetization (from 2014), which provides an interview of Fred Castaneda, and which is conducted by Doug Foresta of the Coachzing Show (although Doug himself is on hiatus at present).

Here are the show notes from the interview that was previously conducted by Doug Foresta:

The CoachZing Show is a podcast series, available on iTunes(R) and other directories, which delivers interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, authors and speakers — to discover tips and techniques for effective content creation and marketing. It is available on iTunes and other directories, and it is a free podcast show.

Doug Foresta is the interviewer and host of this podcast show.

In this episode, we have a repurposed interview — as it is originally published by The reason why we deliver it in entirety and unedited as the final mp3 file published by CoachZing is that the person being interviewed is Fred Castaneda, who is also the host of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast and the Podcast Reporter podcast (just 2 of the current active 8 shows).

As you will hear in this audio episode, Doug discusses the potential mistakes of content creators in the world of New Media and podcasting. He also discovers some of the strategies for entrepreneurs to make podcasting a successful tool as part of their marketing. They can do this by generating revenue streams by adding podcasting to their marketing.

We thank Doug for his interview and we know it will provide value to the aspiring entrepreneurs who deal with content creation.

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Copyright (c) 2014, Doug Foresta and and Fred Castaneda of and All rights reserved.

0A- Podcast hiatus due to caretaking for mother with Alzheimers


Thank you to our listeners.

Due to a medical situation, we are taking a break and going on hiatus until further notice. My mother has dementia and is now a victim of the terrible disease of Alzheimers.

My 93-year old mother needs care and attention and cannot be left alone for a minute, due to her condition and the danger to which she exposes herself when she is by herself — by things such as falls, possibility of fractured hips or bones, etc. So my job is a full-time caretaker and caregiver until this situation is over.

I will return to podcasting just as soon as I can.

I thank you for your patience and understanding.

And for those of you who have suffered through a similar ordeal, I thank you for your caregiving and for your prayers.


Your host, F. Castaneda

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Copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

302- When passion becomes a prison – and 3 steps to re-ignite



This episode is a discussion about a blog post from the sites. The author of the blog post is Monica Shah, and the title of the post is:  What To Do When Your Passion Has Become Your Prison — Three Steps to Ignite Your Dreams.

In addition to the main themes of this blog post, we also included a couple of cases-in-point of our prior businesses suffered from the situation when the passion became a pain, and almost a prison.

Now, the author of this blog brought out 3 steps to ignite your dreams:

“1. If you are struggling, then there is something that you just don’t understand.

2. Step into your fear.

3. Make Sure You’ve Got Someone Who is Willing to Take a Stand for You.”

[from the blog post by Monica Shah]

And, finally, we add our own categories from the last step — that of having a support person or support team. We include our categories of:

-1. The coach;

-2. The Mentor; and

-3. The Mastermind Group.


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Copyright (c) 2016, Monica Shah, blogpost author from (for blogpost content) and Matrix Solutions Corporation (for commentary). All rights reserved.


301- How often for Entrepreneurs to attend Networking Events


Entrepreneurs get all sorts of email, notices and invitations to attend marketing events, sales events and networking events. How often should they attend?

In this audio narration of a blog post from Lisa Wells, this question is addressed from a business perspective for Entrepreneurs.


This blog post was published at the blog site of Virtual Assistant Trainer by Lisa Wells.

As you will hear in this episode of the audio narration, there can be great opportunities for the Entrepreneur, such as:

  • To increase visibility;
  • To be the Expert;
  • To build Relationships;
  • To stay on Trend;
  • To connect with key influencers;
  • To learn from others;
  • To find partners;
  • To improve the Entrepreneur’s marketing message

as well as others.

As a final part of this audio episode, we have also added our own experiences from these types of events — some of which are wonderful and enjoyable opportunities, but also others may impact your business negatively, at times.

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Copyright (c) 2016, Lisa Wells of for blog post content. Other content copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

300- Entrepreneurs should own their own dot-com — a case study




We deliver a case study in which we explore the impact to Entrepreneurs, New Media Professionals and Startups when a platform for communication which they have used disappears.

The platform is — which the public information described as an “experiment.” However, for 3.9 Million users of this “beta” platform, the impact was a jolt for those who used it extensively for delivering content as podcasters or New Media Professionals.

In this episode, we focus on the LESSONS LEARNED — which were inspired by the discussion from Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee in the podcast called NEW MEDIA SHOW of 14 August 2016.

Some of these lessons learned are:

  • “Own your own dot-com”;
  • Back up and archive ALL your content — from media, to show notes, to web site, to transcripts, to text, to images, to podcasts, etc.
  • Be ready to switch to another platform as an option, should the key one (like disappear;
  • keep current and evaluate other alternative platforms (just in case);
  • YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR CONTENT — these are important, and should not be identified with the platform of delivery;
  • “Any shiny new object that appears to be fun can disappear overnight”;
  • Entrepreneurs and New Media professionals must “OWN THEIR OWN DOT.COM” and NOT be dependent on a platform;
  • Avoid dependency on a platform

As you can hear in the discussion with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, there have been many such situations where the platforms have appeared, grown, and then gone.

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Copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

299- Should an Entrepreneur’s learning curve be at the client’s expense?


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast, we narrate a blogpost by Lisa Wells of Virtual Assistant   that deals with the question:

Should you charge your client for your learning curve?

LisaWells site

Lisa Wells probes into three questions that entrepreneurs should ask themselves when they are considering the costs and fees of their training and education to get over the learning curve for the skillsets needed to deliver successful projects to their clients:

  • To charge or not to charge? (“that is the question”)
  • Is it something that is proprietary?
  • Can you apply your new skill to other clients?

After the narration of the blogpost, there are editorial comments from The Struggling Entrepreneur host about mindset for training, education, experience and quality for charging clients for delivering the services or deliverables as promised to clients.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Lisa Wells has had her analysis of charging –or recovering– education and training in different scenarios with clients. And so does the editorial comments.

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Copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation (for editorial content) and Lisa Wells of (for repurposed and narrated content). All rights reserved.

298- Entrepreneur ROI criteria for exhibiting at industry conference


In this repurposed episode from, we deliver a discussion and interview with Tom Schwab of about his participation as an Entrepreneur as both an attendee and an exhibitor with a booth at a business show / industry conference. The case in point is Podcast Movement, an event that has just finished its third year.

InterviewValet web site

As you will hear in this podcast audio episode, Tom will give us his perspectives of the criteria used to plan for attending or exhibiting at a conference, as well as the value and ROI, with measurable results from his experience.

Tom also delivers his perspectives of the conference itself, the serendipity, the excitement and buzz and the networking opportunities of this event. Although we were not able to do a live on-the-floor interview with him in the exhibit hall during the event, he gives us his reasons why he felt that this was a success for him — his business objectives and measured results.


If you are interested in Tom’s business offerings and information, he has also invited listeners of this podcast episode to a special page that he created for this podcast at:

where you can see what the offers, offerings, deliverables and other free information and materials are for review — as well as the fee offerings that he has for his customers.

Tom may also be reached via:

twitter:   @TMSchwab


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Copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Tom Schwab. All rights reserved.

297- Seven timewasters vs. seven money-making tasks


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we deliver a very, very brief episode on time-wasters. This content is repurposed from a blogpost at authored by Michele Scism called:

The 7 Time Sucks vs. 7 Moneymakers


As you will hear in this audio episode, almost all entrepreneurs have a guilty feeling in their conscience because they keep doing the wrong things out of habit (and out of the feeling of familiarity in their comfort zone), instead of profit-making activities.

Also mentioned was the FREE COURSE for becoming more productive as a lifelong, positive and proven skill. You can get the course at:

Just search for the episodes where you can download the course, episode by episode (about 45 or so of them), starting at about episode 14, all the way to episode 58. You can download not only the audio content and lecture, but also the pdf documents of the Discussion Guide (or “workbook”) and the table of contents for each episode and topic.

These are all FREE and NO CHARGE to this audience.

We wish you well on your journey to becoming more productive and spending more time on money-making productive activities that result in profitable results for your entrepreneurial business, instead of being buried in time wasters.

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Copyright (c) 2016, Michele Scism at Narration and commentary, copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.


296- Raising your Entrepreneur Services rates – pricing strategies


In this brief audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast Show, we deliver an audio narration of a blog post by Lisa R. Wells from the Virtual Assistant Trainer. We focus on this specific aspect of services from a VA to a principal or client or customer, as a great deal of VAs are solo-preneurs.

The name of the article from this blog post is:

Pricing Strategies – How to Charge More.

Pricing Strategies blogpost

Key concepts for ALL entrepreneurs may appear to be very basic, but many solo-preneurs fall victim to reduction of pricing due to offshore competition. They forget about these issues:

  • Personalization of services;
  • Customization of services;
  • Over-delivering to your customer / client /principal.


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Copyright (c) 2016, Lisa R Wells of All rights reserved.


295- Aspiring Entrepreneur builds on New Media Skills- Dean Haycox


The following episode is a repurposed episode from the podcast show called SKILLS IN SCREENCASTS AND PODCASTS. It is very related to the topic of a full-time ambulance personnel aspiring to become a full-time entrepreneur — and how a screencaster became a podcaster and improved his skills in New Media.

In this episode, we interview Dean Haycox, the screencaster who is providing free resources to aspiring and professional screencasters. He is based out of the UK (United Kingdom), but he delivers his message and resources worldwide via his web site.

Dean is the owner of — but the name is not totally descriptive, for it is really a blog that provides resources, show notes and the audio episodes of his audio podcast called SCREENCAST ACADEMY with Dean Haycox.


As you will hear in this audio interview, we cover Dean’s background — from logistics in the military to his full-time present job as an ambulance personnel. However, he has a passion for both geology and screencasting — and he recently launched his audio podcast on iTunes, with episode 11 as an interview with Matt Pierce of

In addition to some recommendations and tutorials, Dean also is making available his free pdf of 50 pages called THE SCREENCASTERS BLUEPRINT (a free 50-page guide to Video Marketing for Small Business Owners that describes How to successfully grow your business with video marketing).


Dean’s “magazine” has evolved into a resource site with show notes and audio episodes of his podcast, as well as a library of valuable resources in screencasting.

Slide3Dean has plans for creating offerings, services, products and membership sites for screencasting — although he stated very strongly that most of his content will be free to his listeners and viewers. He also aspires to be a presenter and participant in upcoming conferences and business shows (both in Europe and the US) that deal with New Media — especially screencasting and podcasting. We are certain that he will fulfill his mission soon of becoming a full-time screencaster and podcaster.

If you wish to contact Dean:

email:   Dean @  (to avoid spam)


contact page:


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Copyright (c) 2016, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.