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Episode 02 – Jeff Mills tells his story: from Struggling to Successful Entrepreneur

August 26th, 2007

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast, current Internet Marketing powerhouse and Podcasting host, Jeff Mills, describes the challenges and obstacles that he faced when he decided to enter into the world of becoming an entrepreneur.

This excerpt from his podcast series called “Midwest SuperConference Blog and Podcast site” (see below) will have Jeff speak to you in his own words. He goes back from the beginning of his financial problems in the career for which he studied — but which would not be able to provide for accomplishing his dreams for financial success — and steps you through the following phases of his life…

- from a career and job…

- to entering the world of small business;

- from being a struggling entrepreneur;

- to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Jeff will also deliver hints and tips throughout this 40-minute discussion, as he strives to teach others how to help themselves.

The end of this podcast episode will describe upcoming interviews and podcasts to be posted on this web site of The Struggling Entrepreneur.

This excerpt is from written permission from Jeff Mills, and it is taken from the podcast episode titled “Jeff Mills — on Bonding, Branding, and Podcasting Tools and Technology to build Relationships,” which is part of his podcast series “Midwest Super Conference Blog and Podcast site,” which links are located at

Thanks to Jeff Mills for sharing his story with us.

Note: we plan to have a future podcast interview with Jeff, in which we plan to discuss the present day struggles of the entrepreneur, as well as his recommendations for reaching success in different businesses. Stay tuned to this podcast series and subscribe to get the interviews delivered to you as soon as they are available.


Intro. Episode 01– Be a successful Entrepreneur instead of a Struggling Entrepreneur.

August 12th, 2007

So you want to start your own business and become a successful Entrepreneur? Or you’ve already started your own small business and you want to take it to the next level for success?

Perhaps you are like most entrepreneurs. Do you get the feeling that you are struggling… Struggling Struggling?…

…struggling to overcome the challenges that face all entrepreneurs in one form or another—and at one time or another?

If this sounds familiar, then welcome to THE STRUGGLING ENTREPRENEUR™ , a free podcast that deals with the business challenges, the issues, and the problems facing the “newbie” small business owner or entrepreneur.

We will also provide links to recommended resources to assist the struggling entrepreneur, many of them from our guests whom we will interview.

So quit being a “struggling entrepreneur” and start being a “successful entrepreneur.” Get the benefit of lessons learned and connect with the resources for your success.

By subscribing, you can get free podcast episodes delivered to you the moment that they are released.

A resource mentioned in this introductory episode can help you to improve your productivity–you can accomplish more in less time, with better quality and reduced stress:

Gain Control of Your Day at (

For a transcript of this episode, click here.