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Monthly Archives: August 2007

05- BIG-Austin (Business-Investment-Growth)- An Interview with Jeannette Peten: helping all levels of Entrepreneurs


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we interview Jeannette Peten, Founder and President of BIG Austin (Business-Investment-Growth), which is a firm physically located in Austin, Texas, but with virtual reach to all the United States. This organization assists all levels of entrepreneurs–from the “dreamer” (by helping generate an idea for the business) to the “newbie” (the individual just launching the business and stepping into the world of being an entrepreneur) and the “established” entrepreneur (the firm with the initial track record that now needs more financing for growth).

Because of BIG-Austin’s mission, Jeannette explains how she does manage this organization as a real business — in fact, she is an example of an “entrepreneur.” She tells how she had to struggle in the beginning, as well as the milestones that allowed her to become successful and to know when she reached her measurement of success.

Learn about the resources that can assist other groups, such as women starting businesses, or veterans, etc. In particular, see which courses that are offered by BIG Austin are delivering great results for the participants, as well as the instructors with small business experience, and alumni members of BIG-Austin.

Two offerings from BIG-Austin that were mentioned are:

Start Smart: Fast Trac New Venture. Click here for info.

Taking Financial Control of Your Business. Click here for info.

This episode is sponsored by A Halo Effect, a marketing consulting firm owned by Stephanie Hale, specializing in events marketing, outreach programs and marketing campaigns–to help your business create your message, deliver it, and grow a loyal customer base.

04- Interview with Jeff Mills: tips to help the Struggling Entrepreneur


This episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur is a live interview with Jeff Mills, the well-known Internet Marketing and Online Marketing wizard.

Jeff focuses on the hints and tips to help the struggling entrepreneur, especially in the areas of networking, education, training and learning from the experience of others. He also delivers some valuable advice about leveraging multiple resources to move from being a struggling entrepreneur to a successful one.

The Show Notes will have links to all the sites and resources mentioned (there were quite a few), from his Midwest Super Conference to the last detail. The show notes will be available in just a couple of days at this link: Show-Notes.

We would like to thank Jeff for sharing with us his knowledge and his suggestions, based on his experience. He is definitely a successful entrepreneur who has “walked the walk.”


Episode 03– Addressing the Issues Facing the Struggling Entrepreneur (SUMMARY Version)


This is a free, brief version (also called a summary version) of the podcast whitepaper titled Addressing the Issues Facing the Struggling Entrepreneur. It is both in the iTunes directory and at the web site of The Struggling Entrepreneur.

This deliverable is the high-level overview that sets the stage for the desire to be your own boss and get into the field of entrepreneurship. It also lists the top ten issues or challenges that face a struggling entrepreneur.

However, the full version of this deliverable that contains all the details, examples and case studies of this discussion is available at the web site of The Struggling Entrepreneur. Just go to the left navigation bar and select “Free Entrepreneur Podcast and Whitepaper — Addressing the issues of the struggling entrepreneur.”

You can select which format you would prefer:

-either via podcast with an mp3 downloadable file or listen immediately with the click-to-play option;

-or via  pdf whitepaper that you can download and print, so that you can read in hardcopy at your leisure.

Note: names mentioned in this deliverable are:

– “Working for the Man” — Composed and sung by Roy Orbison, 1961, (Accuf-Rose, BMI – Monument Records)

Copyright (C) 2007, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

Episode 03 – Upcoming Podcast Episodes of The Struggling Entrepreneur


This brief episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur gives you a glimpse of the podcast interviews that we have planned for you:

1. A Live Interview with Jeff Mills – Hear Jeff Mills, in his own words, give his hints and tips for breaking through in the areas of Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, and other niches for today’s business. He is strictly focused on the audience for the Struggling Entrepreneur.

2. A Live Interview with an Individual who is considering becoming an Entrepreneur.

When is the right time to move forward and become your own boss with your own business? What are the questions and apprehensions in your mind as you consider becoming an Entrepreneur? Should you do it part-time or full-time?

Get some of the answers to these questions from the mind of an individual working a day job in Corporate America, but having the desire to launch his own business.

3. An interview with a self-starter in High Tech businesses, technical training businesses and now the Communications Business.

See how several decades of adversity in facing the challenges of self-ownership and entrepreneurship finally paid off for this individual, who is now a successful entrepreneur. He will share with us his lessons learned and give his recommendations for those just starting out.

4. When is the right time to incorporate and grow your business? And how should you proceed?

This is an interview with an individual who has run his own business on a shoestring, until the time when it is starting to grow into a well-known firm. Hear the issues surrounding the formation of legal entities and proceeding to organize your business while it is concurrently growing and starting to take off.

5. How do I get into the business of affiliate marketing while being an entrepreneur? Where do I start?

Share the concerns and questions about getting into affiliate marketing as a means of creating multiple revenue streams, without sacrificing your core business. Hear what others have done to become successful in this area by integrating it within their businesses.

6. Organizations focused on assisting the Entrepreneur.

In addition, we will be having interviews with the organizations that provide assistance to the Entrepreneur — from the dreamer to the beginner to the established small business owner.


Copyright (c) 2007, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.

Episode 02 – Jeff Mills tells his story: from Struggling to Successful Entrepreneur


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast, current Internet Marketing powerhouse and Podcasting host, Jeff Mills, describes the challenges and obstacles that he faced when he decided to enter into the world of becoming an entrepreneur.

This excerpt from his podcast series called “Midwest SuperConference Blog and Podcast site” (see below) will have Jeff speak to you in his own words. He goes back from the beginning of his financial problems in the career for which he studied — but which would not be able to provide for accomplishing his dreams for financial success — and steps you through the following phases of his life…

– from a career and job…

– to entering the world of small business;

– from being a struggling entrepreneur;

– to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Jeff will also deliver hints and tips throughout this 40-minute discussion, as he strives to teach others how to help themselves.

The end of this podcast episode will describe upcoming interviews and podcasts to be posted on this web site of The Struggling Entrepreneur.

This excerpt is from written permission from Jeff Mills, and it is taken from the podcast episode titled “Jeff Mills — on Bonding, Branding, and Podcasting Tools and Technology to build Relationships,” which is part of his podcast series “Midwest Super Conference Blog and Podcast site,” which links are located at

Thanks to Jeff Mills for sharing his story with us.

Note: we plan to have a future podcast interview with Jeff, in which we plan to discuss the present day struggles of the entrepreneur, as well as his recommendations for reaching success in different businesses. Stay tuned to this podcast series and subscribe to get the interviews delivered to you as soon as they are available.

Copyright (c) 2007, Matix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.