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33- Scott Whitney of PodWorx, Inc.- profitable in the 1st month

April 2nd, 2008


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Whitney– the CEO of PodWorx, Inc.

Podworx Logo

Scott’s story is quite amazing because his history is proof that a determined entrepreneur can start a successful business in various industries and can always be profitable after the first month from the launch of the business.

Scott’s exceptional story…

Scott Whitney

Scott has started several successful firms in the Internet Web Presence and Design business, the Music business and the New Media and Business Podcasting environment. His current company is called PodWorx, Inc., based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. This firm provides the complete line of services for businesses that want to create a presence in the marketplace by using the vehicles and channels of Podcasting–especially audio (or, as Scott has described it, an “Internet Radio Show”). His firm’s success speaks for itself with the large business clients that use PodWorx, Inc., to deliver its audio presence in the Podosphere–especially the Podcast show for Polycom (which is available for free subscription on directories like iTunes and is titled “Polycom On Demand”).

Industry Authority Figure

In just less than 2 years, Scott has not only become a full-time podcaster that delivers value to Businesses that want to extend their reach and audience in the New Media “space,” but he has also become an industry authority figure in the world of Podcasting. Case in point: Scott will be giving a workshop-style presentation titled “Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote: The Four Keys to Podcasting Success” at the 4th annual conference called the New Media Expo (on August, 14, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada). This is quite an accolade, as only 46 people were chosen to deliver a session at the conference from well over 700 application entries. Thus, by the measure of success and experience of providing value, Scott has become and Industry Authority Figure (many in the Press call this type of individual an “industry pundit“).

For those interested in creating podcasts for business, Scott has a deliverable of great value in the form of a CD that is called The Four P’s of Podcasting® (which can be ordered at this PodWorx Blog web link).

CD-The Four P's of Podcasting

The audio episodes on the CD are also available on the PodWorx, Inc. Blog, as well as iTunes — if you want to get a specific episode. (By the way, I highly recommend this for aspiring Podcasters as a blueprint to implement a podcast for your business). His series on iTunes is called the Podcasting for Business Podcast.

Scott is a role model of an experienced corporate professional who was able to become a successful entrepreneur, with his track record of delivering profitability after the 1st month. He is a key case study of someone who is currently making a full-time living as a podcaster by providing value to other businesses while simultaneously providing implementation roadmaps to others in his industry.

For a transcript of this interview, click here for the pdf file: Pdf document transcript

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