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Monthly Archives: August 2008

48- New Media Expo- Day 1- Is the Community Changing? -Part One


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we review one major announcement from Wednesday’s Podcast Secrets Reunion (which was also announced in the Exhibit Hall’s booth of the PremiumCast system)–the ability to have be able to copy, ship and fulfill CDs and/or DVDs on demand (quantity of even 1) as part of the PremiumCast system.

During the first day of the Expo, we ran into some of the older podcasters and asked them to chat with us for a minute or so.

Also, we we get the perspectives of both Victor Cajiao (of the Podcast series Typical Mac User) and Rob Walch of Wizzard Media (podcaster with the podcast series and the Today in iPhone series). Their views on the community of this Expo in comparison to the prior 3 Expos are quite interesting–especially since a lot of dialogue and buzz of this question grew as the Expo dates drew near.

This is the first part of this dialogue. We will post the next episode with the perspectives of the co-authors of the books from Wiley Publishing, Podcasting for Dummies (now in the second edition) and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies.

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46- Preparing for New Media Expo and Podcast Secrets Conference


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we begin our day-by-day updates and summaries of this week’s big events in Las Vegas — the New Media Expo and the Podcast Secrets 2008 Reunion.

New Media Expo and Podcast Secrets Reunion

In addition, we will be providing a day-by-day summary of the announcements, the happenings, the latest updates and our impressions of the exhibits and speakers and presenters during these events.

This episode just gives the prelude to these events with a summary of the schedule for the Podcast Secrets Reunion conference, as well as my own schedule on the social media tool at the PathableNew Media Expo web site. We will also be doing interviews with industry pundits, subject matter experts, luminaries and other celebrated personalities on the exhibit hall show floor, as well as other spots in the conference locations.
Our next episode will review the Podcast Secrets Reunion event and what was presented, as well as what the attendees can take forward with them for the next three days at the New Media Expo.

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