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73- Failure as a way to success- GO FOR NO

December 5th, 2008


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we explore the themes of (1) failure and (2) getting “NO!” as a response when entrepreneurs ask for the business. In most discussions with entrepreneurs, these two themes have negative meaning and evoke shudders and feelings from which to stay away.

However, if we take a look more closely at the refusals we get as entrepreneurs –especially if we compound them together collectively when we think of failure– we can change our mindset about them to the point of even looking at them as stepping-stones to success.

The 2 people interviewed in this episode — Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton of the firm Courage Crafters — guide us through the book which they authored that deals with this topic. The book is called Go for No! YES is the destination; NO is how you get there. In addition, their training program of the same name offers tools and techniques to help implement the mindset shift.

Go for No! - the book

In the book and training, Andrea and Richard developed a change to the failure-success model, in which the road to success in business is via failures.

They have also defined the FIVE FAILURE LEVELS (which take you from the Ability to fail to Failing bigger and  Faster, and even Failing Exponentially) “and what it takes to Progress Through Them.”

However, what was new and most interesting to me was their Science of Setting “No” Goals.  As you will hear in this episode, a direct and positive impact on your business results can be achieved with this methodology.

Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Their training program (also called GO for No!) is based on several CDs and discs. And thanks to Andrea and Richard– as a special bonus for the listeners of this podcast series, you may want to use the coupon code given in the discussion to get nearly a 50 per cent discount for it. Here are the details:

The Go for No Great Package is offered for the listeners of The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast. You can go to the site at:

And the code for $52 off is SE1 and it is functioning now.

In addition, there are several free resources available, including a free ezine now titled Go for No!.

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