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99- Successful Entrepreneur in starting–and selling–multiple businesses: Interview with Tim Bourquin

August 19th, 2009


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we have a chance to catch up with Tim Bourquin for an update on his progress as a successful entrepreneur.

Why do we use the term successful?

Well, for one reason, success in Entrepreneurship has been measured by the creation and subsequent profitable sale of a business (or–in Tim’s case–sales of multiple businesses for profit). In addition, as you will hear in this audio episode, the entrepreneurial spirit has Tim once again in another venture.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Tim has successfully sold several businesses that he has started after his 10-year stint as a law enforcement officer with the L.A. Police Dept.  Among those which he profitably sold as part of his exit execution were Endurance Planet (podcast) and the New Media Expo (conference/event business for podcasting and new media).

He currently has several new initiatives, as his main web site displays on

Ideas for Download site

As he mentions, his current focus of his time is the securities trading industry with the premium content delivered in

However, he also provides assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the creation of membership and community resources and sites with site

As you will hear, Tim does not hold back in the new methods and practices that he introduces in his podcasts and businesses. Some have become “best practices” for some of the pundits and luminaries within the new media and social media space.

And there are a few surprises that will make the traditional entrepreneur coaches cringe–especially those who stress the importance on business plans and feasibility plans as a critical¬† lever for success.

In addition, the main challenge that faces Tim is focusing on the main business at hand amidst all the entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities which surround him. But his “intuitive gut feel” that drives his spontaneity and direction has also been a key skill that has helped Tim to reach success as an entrepreneur who can create–and then sell for a profit–great businesses.

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