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154- Enhancing Entrepreneurship by being a published author- David Jackson

June 1st, 2011


In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we deliver an interview with Dave Jackson. Dave was interviewed in 2007 when he was a full-time entrepreneur in the then-growing podcast industry.

Since that time, he has managed multiple podcasts, including:

- School of Podcasting-Learn to Podcast;

- Logical Weight Loss;

- Building a Better Dave;

- Weekly web tools;

- Musician’s cooler

and others.

Currently, Dave has returned (after a brief stint as a full-time entrepreneur) to his first love–Training in Corporate America. However, even though he is a private sector employee involved in training, his passion for podcasting has him still providing content and publishing it down the podcast channel for various audiences. He has both free podcast series, as well as premium content and membership sites.

In addition, he has a new venture as a part-time entrepreneur:  becoming a published author. His first book deals with the subject of podcasting — but especially how to MONETIZE your podcast.

The name of his book is  More Podcast Money.

morepodcastmoney web site

As you will hear in this audio episode, there is a lot of experiential content from Dave’s own past with his multiple roles in the Internet and  music industries, affiliate marketing and membership site management. The important sections deal with the many options that entrepreneurs who already have a podcast can follow to get multiple revenue streams. Also, his plans for authoring more books are discussed.

Dave Jackson

 There is a special offer and coupon code (SE30)  for the listeners of this podcast to get a free copy of the book (it is given toward the end of the audio podcast).

The lessons learned by Dave Jackson can help other entrepreneurs who want to become published authors within their niche, as well as those who want to monetize their podcasts. Also, it is interesting to see Dave’s direction in migrating his membership sites toward a new business model.
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