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Monthly Archives: April 2012

176- Specialized Entrepreneur education in high schools


Entrepreneur course education

Education for entrepreneurs has been available in many ways for many levels of aspiring entrepreneurs:

– within the Federal and local programs (e.g., Small Business Development Center and Small Business Development Program–both of which were described in earlier episodes in this podcast series);

– within the online marketing offerings in the Business area for both free and fee courses, modules, webinars, etc.;

– within iTunes(R) and iTunes University for free courses delivered in the form of podcasts (e.g.,  the Entrepreneurship and Business course);

– within the College and University systems, where courses, programs, internships, incubators and even majors for higher learning degrees are offered;

– and in many small, independent non-profit organizations and ventures (e.g., SCORE, Vetrepreneur Magazine and Entrepreneur Bootcamp, etc.).

Now the entrepreneur overview, exposure, education and  training is within the High School level.

As you will hear in this audio podcast episode, we explore an Entrepreneurship course at the high school level as a case-in-point.

As you will hear in this audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, there is definitely a concern with the approach and the teachers of such courses in the areas of live, real-world experience, qualifications and appropriate education–including their abilities to TEACH and deliver value to the high school students.

Since we were invited to deliver a presentation within the discussion of entrepreneurship with such a class of high school students in a “Course for Entrepreneurship,” we explore briefly from our preliminary point of view “the good, the bad and the ugly” regarding the present day situations and these concerns.

As we mentioned in the audio episode, here is a link that provides to you the list of 20 topics that I delivered as suggestions in a discussion about the objectives of the invited session:

As was mentioned in the audio podcast, there is a course available for free on iTunes (R) (and others at iTunes University) with the title of

Entrepreneurship and Business Course.

The link for the podcast series of over 25 sections of content and subjects of the course is located at:

Note: this is just one course available to those iTunes listeners that want to get an overview of Entrepreneurship delivered by a professor. The quality may not be the best, but free content for an exploratory approach to entrepreneurship may be what some high school students, as well as Junior College students, may need at this time for an initial exposure.

In a future episode of this podcast, we plan to report on the results of the presentation and discussion with the high school class taking the Entrepreneurship course–including the attitude of the students, the quality of their learning and participation, and the future success for these students.


In addition, here is the whitepaper that was mentioned during the audio episode about challenges facing the Entrepreneur:

This whitepaper (taken from the blog of The Struggling Entrepreneur) is titled Addressing the Issues Facing the Struggling Entrepreneur.

The whitepaper is available in the way that YOU would like to consume it.


If you want a quick 8-minute read or listen to get the executive level SUMMARY version:

– if you prefer to READ the whitepaper, it is available as a pdf document. Click here to access the whitepaper or download it: 

– or, if you prefer to LISTEN to the audio version of the whitepaper, Click Here for the mp3 audio of the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VERSION of the Whitepaper.

However, if you prefer to get the FULL VERSION of the whitepaper in its entirety, with all the details:

– you can get the pdf version for Reading. Click here for the FULL VERSION of the whitepaper in pdf format .

– or you can LISTEN to the audio of the FULL VERSION of the Free whitepaper. We have divided the entire audio of the whitepaper into 3 bite-sized consumable chunks for you.

Click  on the episode you wish to get the mp3 audio of the FULL VERSION of the whitepaper:

Click here For the audio mp3 of Challenges 1-4 that Face the Entrepreneur in the free whitepaper;

Click here for the audio mp3 of Challenges 5-8 that Face the Entrepreneur in the free whitepaper;

Click here for the audio mp3 of Challenges 9 and 10 that Face the Entrepreneur in the free whitepaper.

The choice is yours.

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175- Resource for Entrepreneur financial health- BLUEPRINTS


The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast series delivers not only interviews, but also web resources available to the small business owner to help that individual become a Successful Entrepreneur.

For assistance with improving the financial health of your Entrepreneur firm, there are the BLUEPRINTS from the Rogue CFO, Chris Benjamin — or, as he describes it, the web site that is “The Road to Success for Entrepreneurs.”

Blueprints web site

This is a repurposed episode from Chris Benjamin in his Podomatic platform podcast series called “The Rogue CFO’s Expert Guide to Launch a Startup.”

In addition to 10 free whitepapers and other no-charge deliverables, Chris Benjamin also describes in this audio episode both the fee-based deliverables (e.g., online and web tools, audio and video files, and ebook training modules) in the area of financial health for Entrepreneurs. He also includes templates and other educational offerings.

Chris Benjamin is also the subject-matter expert who delivers both the free audio-book modules, as well as the audio and video and screencast training in the 7-week online Premium Podcast education offering at Finance for Startups (at

Copyright (c) 2012, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.