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190- Lon Naylor has entrepreneurial success via "Strategy, Skills & Searching-Around"


Lon Naylor is a success story in the world of Internet High Tech and marketing. He is known as “the Camtasia Guy” by teaching others how to create high-quality videos via the screen-capture-video software from TechSmith called Camtasia Studio(R). In this interview of the podcast series of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we examine his  formula for success, which can be summarized by three words:  STRATEGY, SKILLS and “SEARCHING-AROUND.” (i.e., “looking-around”)

Lon Naylor success formula

[Special note: We apologize for the audio quality and for the interviewer’s voice. The recent hurricane had delivered poor audio recordings via the Skype network, and the interviewer had lost his voice due to the flu. So we wanted to ensure that we could get a one-time recording of the interview via an analog telephone speaker phone. However, we feel that you will benefit from the content that Lon Naylor delivers.]

As you will hear in this audio interview, Lon Naylor is a believer in a business plan–in fact, as an engineer, he has the habit of spending 2 months of the year in deep planning for the next year. He also established his legal entity as an LLC in 2007, and his current entrepreneurial membership site and venture is called LEARN CAMTASIA. web site

It is interesting to see how Lon Naylor’s earlier venture (at was the driving force for his current membership site. Also, Lon has shared with us his planned entry into new markets for his business.

In addition to Learn Camtasia, his other current venture includes ScreenCast Studios at

Screencast Studios page

Also, if you would like to contact Lon for advice or for his services, you can go to

and create a support ticket with his name as the requested staff member. His turnaround is swift and he likes to listen to others with ideas, and with needs for his products.

If you wish to purchase one of his products or services, listeners of this podcast series can be eligible for special discounts via coupon codes. To take advantage of this offer, please go to and fill out a ticket after you have seen the offerings or joined for free as a member to the site, and request the special coupon code discount for that specific product or service–but please be sure to mention that you heard about this on the Struggling Entrepreneur podcast episode.

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