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196- Entrepreneur grows an Internet Broadcasting Business- Richard Cleveland


Entrepreneurs across the borders are also developing their niche markets. For one past broadcaster who spent 20 years in radio, music and the entertainment business, a return to this environment brings him into the realm of Internet Broadcasting. Thus, he is returning to his roots of Media after a 10-year span in additional careers in professional photography and as a certified IT and Computer specialist.

In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we deliver to you an interview with Richard Cleveland, the founder of a Canadian New Media network called Naked Ape Productions.

He currently has 3 webcast and podcast series in production or launching in January and early 2013. The content for these is classified as “edutainment” and entertainment.

Richard Cleveland and his network

Based in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada, he entered the world as a Podcaster and webcaster in March of 2012. In this short time, he has published over 30 episodes in a podcast series called Between the Pages — and he publishes his episodes with live recordings made with a co-host named Jason Bishop.

He  also is launching a learning environment and podcast show called  Podcast U — in which he will teach people the “ART OF PODCASTING,” which will be more than just the technical implementation of creating a podcast.

And finally, he will launch in 2013 a movie show called Popcorn Lobby.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Richard Cleveland has entered this environment as full-time entrepreneur with a studio in his home office. With financing as his biggest obstacle, he has turned to creative ways to get revenue streams and funding for this business — including sponsorship and advertising.

He also is using skills that he developed when he was in the Broadcasting industry — skills as a VOICE-OVER artist. These skills are used in his offering of services to his prospects and customers — and these services also enhance his revenues.

Naked Ape Prod shows web site

In addition to his Business Plan, Richard Cleveland has a strategy for delivering his content over various platforms, including iTunes(R).  He also has a VISION for his firm and knows where he wants to be in the next 5 years.

Most importantly, the listeners of this podcast show will get a ten percent discount for any of the services or products from Naked Ape Productions. All that is required to get this discount is for an individual to mention The Struggling Entrepreneur.

You can contact Richard via:

– web site:

– email:  Info [at] (to prevent spam)

– Questions or comments:

– telephone:  (403) 910-9817

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