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198- 10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs

January 28th, 2013


We deliver to you in this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur a list of 10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs.

This episode is an audio narration of a repurposed article written by Terri Zwierzynski which is called “10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs.”

This article was re-published on the web and email on 2 January 2013.

Image of Terri Z with 10 tips

For the Aspiring Entrepreneur, it is interesting to highlight the subtitle or tag line on the web post: “Ignore these at your peril!” 

For those of us who may not have had the benefit of a mentor or prior startups, we generally end up learning these 10 tips the hard way by experience. As one entrepreneur had put it years ago, “Good judgment comes from experience; and experience comes from bad judgment.”

As you will hear in this audio podcast, some of these tips are common sense from good judgment. But some of them can be good tips to help the aspiring entrepreneur avoid falling into the ranks of the 67 per cent of businesses that fail (see tip number 2).

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