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199A- Lessons Learned from CONFESSIONS of 2 real Entrepreneurs- Jason and Jeremy – Compromising your "passion"


Lessons Learned from small business owners are key cases in point that help us to avoid pitfalls — especially when they are CONFESSIONS from entrepreneurs who have been successful.

What are some ways that you can stray away from what helped you become a successful entrepreneur? What are some signs to look for in different “traps”? And what are some elements that draw you to others’ business models like a hypnotic trance, when it could be the wrong model for your business?

Jason Van Orden and Jeremy (whose stage name is “Sterling”) reveal this in their podcast episode # 182 from their flagship podcast and membership site business called Internet Business Mastery.

Now, I myself have met Jeremy at a New Media Expo in 2008. And I have known Jason Van Orden (and have interviewed him years ago in an earlier audio episode on The Struggling Entrepreneur). Thus, I applaud them for being open about their mistakes and their LESSONS LEARNED.

In this bonus audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we recommend listening to the audio episode #182 found in either iTunes(R) or on the blog site for Internet Business MasteryThis business started in 2005, and the reached success as a flagship entrepreneur venture in the 2008-2009 time frame.

However, starting in 2009, they started to compromise their passion, their fulfillment (as they call it), their values and their business model when they tried to imitate others, adopt different business models and seek success only as a measure of revenues and profits.

Their passion was compromised, and they were not being successful in “their own way.”

Frank Sinatra said it best when he sang the words “I did it MY WAY.”

In addition, there are three other mistakes that were made by this team, as they confess in their audio episode.

We recommend that you listen to these, so that you can recognize the signs of the luring glitter of seeking others’ success when it is NOT your passion or business model, or when you are following the implied “dictates” of other entrepreneurs from their books or CDs — or, as Jeremy puts it — listening to the screams at the corporate table of the guy at the head of the table who is telling you how to do and what to do (from his perspective).

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