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200- Entrepreneur succeesds as a Public Speaker and author- Kenn Renner


Financial success as an entrepreneur may come in many fields and in many ways–and you don’t necessarily need to have an MBA as part of the route to reach your goals.

Enter Kenn Renner, a self-made small business owner and independent contractor initially in the business of mortgage financing and as a real estate broker. And now Kenn is on his way to becoming an online  media business owner, author and professional public speaker.

As you will hear in this audio interview, Kenn has entered into the area of audio books, hardcover books, ebooks and seminars/webinars. He has also created a course on producing videos, so that his clients can take advantage of using a YouTube(R)  channel. In addition, he is also a musician and used to play in music bands.

However, his passion is now in public speaking — both on the “big stage” at large conferences (as a keynote, for instance) and the “local stage” (where he can present to others in a smaller setting).

Kenn has wanted to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners in the skills of goal-setting. His book, Power Goals, is available on, as well as other outlets.

And he is in the process of finishing his latest book (as a co-author), which will be called Maximum Dream Achievement (scheduled for release in 1st Quarter of 2013).

As you will hear in this audio episode, he shares his lessons learned by over-extending himself when his business was booming and successful–and yet, he rode out the tough times and negative cycles. He feels that this is the best time to start a new business, where you can be your own boss and plan for your success within your planned niche.



Kenn has offered to give away his book, Power Goals, for FREE to the listeners of this podcast series. All that is required is payment for shipping and handling. To get a free copy of the book, contact Kenn at:

email:  Kenn [@]

Telephone:  512-423-5626

and mention that you listened to his interview on this podcast series, The Struggling Entrepreneur. And then Kenn will send you the book for free (just pay shipping and handling).

We wish Kenn the best in becoming a well-known passionate motivational public speaker (for hire) and his quest to help others in creating and achieving their goals for success.

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