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203A- CC Chapman – Entrepreneur with Passion for Social Value



Select this link to listen to the interview with CC Chapman at the SXSW (South-by-Southwest) event.

At the South-by-Southwest event (held annually in Austin, Texas, where 3 weeks are dedicated to music, film and Interactive), we had the opportunity to re-energize an old relationship with CC Chapman. He is an author, public speaker, podcaster, blogger, world traveler, photographer and multi-business or “concurrent Entrepreneur” (he does not feel comfortable with the term “serial entrepreneur.”

His passion for Social Value is his trademark, and it shows in his discussion. His passion for meeting people drives his love for world travel. In fact, his mantra (which he has tattooed on his forearm) is:  “Not all those who wander are lost.”

As you will hear in this audio episode, CC took the plunge by quitting his day-job in academia and launched a business. With luck and determination, he has been successful in so many fields that his real value now is HIMSELF as a brand.

CC has been successful in his many fields with the following intellectual properties:

He has his flagship podcast, Managing the Gray.

He also has written 2 books:   Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen.

(n.b.: The links are to, but they are available everywhere books and e-books are sold.)

He has also been a blogger since 2002:

His aspirations include a couple more books to write and publish, and also to grow his new business, the Cleon Foundation.

At the event where we held the interview, CC will be doing a live reading of his book. Success at this key event is proof of his demand as a public speaker.

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