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207A- Four ways to restore your sanity – Bonus Episode

June 12th, 2013


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As a solo-preneur, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are vital to manage, organize, run and grow a small business. But sometimes the pressure, stress, tension and anxiety that result from day-to-day operations may make the solo-preneur feel as if it is insanity.

In the web site,, Terri Zwierzynski describes some ways to “restore sanity” for those solo-preneurs that suffer frustration.

There are recommendations for “restoring sanity” to yourself in the world being a solo-preneur:

(1) Learning to control your email practices of your business by “Taming your inbox”;

(2) Tips on using some of the social media tools (these are useful if you have either a virtual assistant or if you use the facilities in some social media tools to create your tweets, posts, etc.,  with scheduled publishing times and dates);

(3) Taking advantage of creative insights and bursts of energy to “go with the flow,” while at other times NOT forcing the work from a tired and non-responsive mind that lacks energy and strength; and

(4) Allowing yourself to understand that perfection and high standards have their place, but that mistakes are a part of the journey of a solo-preneur.

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