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207- Success story with an Entrepreneur Pricing Model

June 25th, 2013


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What kind of pricing model should you use for your products that are intellectual property and can deliver to you a good passive income? Should you go by low price (hoping for high volumes), or should you go by packages with different tiered prices (hoping for bigger revenue ticket items)?

Or perhaps you can be creative and combing them for pricing models that can actually increase sales?

In the Smart Bear blog by successful Entrepreneur Jason Cohen, we find a detailed success story with a Pricing Model implemented with creativity.

We thank Jason Cohen for his permission to republish this article with an audio narration (unabridged). As you will hear in this audio episode, “This is a guest post by Nathan Barry, in response to two other posts that previously appeared on this blog.”

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Copyright (c) 2013, Jason Cohen and Nathan Berry. All rights reserved. Republished as an audio narration with written permission from Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Blog.