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211- Journey: from Veteran to Successful Entrepreneur – John Lee Dumas

August 15th, 2013


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 The traits that VETERANS have do create the long list of  “character building-blocks” needed by Entrepreneurs — from mission, responsibility, opportunity, teamwork, adjusting to negative impacts, adapting and overcoming obstacles of all sorts.

In this audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we interview one such individual who made the JOURNEY (as he refers to his business and success) from Veteran to Student to Corporate-America Employee to Entrepreneur via a podcast (and later, its extensions) called “Entrepreneur on Fire” with his “tribe” which he calls “Fire-Nation.”

As you will hear in this audio episode, John Lee Dumas is a young entrepreneur who served in Iraq and then returned to pursue an education, and then finally worked in Corporate America prior to starting his small business.

Since then, he is a case study of going from “zero-to-hero” and becoming a financially successful entrepreneur in just 18 months.


He started his podcast in 2012, and he has created a business around it. He has seen it grow tremendously — to the tune of 5-figure income per month, and well on the way to 6-figure revenues.

You can hear in detail his monetization of podcasts from an interview with David Jackson of The School of Podcasting. This  goes into much more detail of the financial progress and success, with actual numbers.

As you will hear in this audio episode, there are many opportunities for monetizing podcasts, books, training courses and other products and services.

In addition to his podcasts, he has a successful ebook on called Podcast Launch, which is also generating revenue.

Also, he has a fee-based Mastermind Group membership site called FireNation Elite.  And he is not through yet. He also will announce an upcoming course called FireNation Bootcamp.

If you wish to contact John, his web site is at

If you would like to purchase any of his products or offerings, he will give a discount if you mention that you heard about this on this audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur.

You may contact him at his messaging system on his site at:

and be ready to  “IGNITE!”

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