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218- Entrepreneur success with Online Training – Craig Cannings



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With the present affordability of media technology, Entrepreneurs now have opportunities to monetize opportunities in the area of video training and education online — thanks to Craig Cannings with his services and offerings, starting with his flagship business called VA Classroom.

Although he is in Canada, the reach of the Internet with online capabilities for live training — as well as online  courses that can be accessed by students at any time and any location — provides an opportunity to create a business to provide education for skill-hungry students. And Craig provides live training, services, consulting and online course offerings.

As you will hear in this audio episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, Craig has built a business by discovering what the customers wanted and ensuring that his offerings met their needs and expectations.  He did this by means of research and focus groups — in other words, this was his way to have a “reality check” on the passion that an entrepreneur may have when planning to launch the business.

His main goal is to provide services, courses and training  offerings to improve the way that online education is done.

We wanted to focus on one specific new offering of his business, because it shows the direction that he is taking for the future, in addition to VACLASSROOM.

Craig has also launched this new offering (some with joint venture partners)  to help entrepreneurs monetize their skills in the area of online and video training and education with his new course called TEACH AND PROFIT PROGRAM.

You can find out more about Craig and his firm VA CLASSROOM at this link:


You can find out more about his new program TEACH AND PROFIT at this link:

If you wish to contact him, you can send an email to:

and find out more about him on his web site at VA CLASSROOM.

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