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218A- Turning Your Talents into Businesses – experienced tips from Paul Shakuri

December 13th, 2013

Select this link to listen to the audio narration of Paul Shakuri’s document.

For an entrepreneur, advice from other small business owners who have experienced success with their firms is one of the key resources that can help a business get off the ground an grow. Such are the tips that Paul Shakuri gives in this audio narration and bonus episode within the Struggling Entrepreneur podcast.

Paul is the principal and owner of Entrepreneur Adrenaline, a business that has started podcasting in July of 2013. In addition to his blog, podcast, interviews and other online tools, Paul also provides hints and tips from his own experience as a successful small business owner who was able to achieve his goals for acquiring the wealth for which he had planned.

He has produced a 6-page pdf document that outlines these tips and suggestions from the perspective of discovering, refining and using the talents that we have. He does not deliver this content from pure theory, but from his own practical experience and results (both positive and negative). This document is called “TURNING YOUR TALENTS INTO BUSINESSES” — and you can download this pdf document from his website of

As you will hear in the audio narration of this document, Paul will share with you:

- his experience in discovering his own talents;

- his story of refining and sharpening his own talents (some of which he was later able to use to provide instruction to his own earlier mentor);

- his suggestions for defining your target market and value to customers;

- his recommendations for avoiding the trap of seeming like a “digital flyer” and being a push salesman;

- and his tips on marketing to build your business on the road to success.


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We do plan to have an informal and live interview Paul in January, 2014,  as he will also be attending in person the New Media Expo. And then you can get an personal look into Paul’s success as an entrepreneur from his own discussion.

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