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219- Entrepreneur success after 30 years of persistence – Norm Bour

December 15th, 2013

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The Story of Norm Bour is one of persistence, perseverance and dedication to reach success as an Entrepreneur after 30 years of frustration, challenges, obstacles and bad luck.

However, as you will hear in this audio interview, the long drought is finally over; and Norm has found success as a small business owner — with plenty of lessons learned along the way.

While many aspiring entrepreneurs reach obstacles which they feel are too great to overcome and eventually shut down their business, Norm Bour believed in himself and looked for the right opportunity in which to launch his firm and make it a success.

As you will hear in this audio episode, Norm is now a published author, trainer, industry consultant, speaker and columnist. His background as a radio show host and speaker at podcast conferences added to his credentials and learning experiences.

In addition, he brings skills needed when dealing with the public sector. Norm is experienced in Community Development and is an expert in working with cities, chambers of commerce, nonprofits and associations.

Recently, Norm was interviewed by a Southern California newspaper which considered him as the founder of the industry consultancy, VapeMentorS. You can read the article, which presents a brief tutorial of this industry and the quick success of those entrepreneurs entering it at:

October 2013 – Orange Country Register.

This new industry of “Vaping” is one that is growing, and he is one of the entrants that will be growing his business into a multi-million dollar firm.

However, the market for which Norm is focused is that of Baby-Boomers. He wants to deliver his message that it is not too late to begin and succeed — as well as not letting early failures stop the entrepreneur from reaching success.

Norm is available at:

Web site:

Phone:  (949) 495-6162


As you can see, Norm’s measures of success are:

- financial (his target of a multi-million dollar business); and

- relationships (his helping others from his experience to achieve their success as entrepreneurs).

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