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220 – Never too late to start your business – Reflections after New Media Expo event


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After attending the 2014 New Media Expo, we discuss some reflections from the perspective of a Baby Boomer. This is an event that has been in Las Vegas for the past 2 years. Prior to that time, the event tried to be a West Coast-East Coast Expo where New York and Los Angeles were the 2 locations, as it was held every May and November.

However, settling on one event per year, this Expo is an inbound event where social media content creators, podcasters, bloggers (it used to be called primarily BLOGWORLD), video creators, screencasters, publishers and other content creators unite for 3 days of education, training, networking and launching new offerings.

As a Baby Boomer myself, I wanted to explore first-hand if this new industry of podcasting, blogging, videocasting, screencasting, ebook publishing and content creation could be a new career path for the Boomer who wants to create a startup and now become an entrepreneur in this environment.

I was able to interview over 6 industry pundits and experienced professionals (some of them Baby Boomers) to ask them about being a new entrant in this new media industry. The answers all came down to an enthusiastic “YES!” — this is an industry where the maturity, experience and work ethic of the Baby Boomer can definitely provide an edge.

We will deliver these interviews, so that you can judge for yourself how entry into this environment as an entrepreneur can be low-cost, quick-learning and very rewarding (both aesthetically and financially).


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