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226- Gary Leland — Entrepreneur launches electronic magazine business

February 2nd, 2014

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Sometimes the Entrepreneur who takes the risk and enters a new area as an early entrant or early adopter becomes successful in the new environment.

Such is the history of Baby Boomer Gary Leland, an Entrepreneur who made his mark in the Retail environment with a “brick-and-mortar” store — and has also seen success in the tech environment via podcasting, video and information marketing — and is now launching into the online training environment by teaching his successful methods of e-Commerce.

At the annual event, New Media Expo, Gary Leland now announced the launch of his latest venture into a different business — the Electronic Magazine business. It is called Podertainment at


As you will hear in this episode, Gary encourages the Boomers to go and get started in New Media by just “doing it” and improving as you go.

As he mentions during the interview, he is always looking for new opportunities to make money as an entrepreneur. In fact, his background and achievements speak for themselves to his success in reaching his life’s goal — to make more than a million dollars in his life.

Gary not only has built his small business to include the largest wallpaper store in Texas, but he has also been a success in a Sports store — with a niche in Softball.

However, he was an early adopter in Podcasting — and he learned how to monetize that with a couple of shows that he created, as well as being one of the first to create a Podcast Directory (which is still maintained, after 8 years in the Podosphere).

In addition, he moved into video and has over 200 episodes of Softball video. He also entered the virtual world of Second Life several years ago and had a fun run with Podcast Island, with a fair ROI.

Gary has shown that he will never stop getting creative ideas for new opportunities to monetize a situation, a product, a service or technology.

With an earlier venture called Success With Online Stores, he was the PRODUCT of his own membership site to deliver the training needed for entrepreneurs who wish to understand and implement the world of e-Commerce from one who has been successfully doing this since 1996.

Note: for any of our subscribers or listeners that wish to get this training, Gary is offering a 20 per cent discount if they include the following text when signing up:  “I like Fred’s hat.”

This shows his never-ending sense of humor, and so he will always remain for us with his nicknames of “P-dilly” and “Podcast Pickle.”

You can find out more about Gary Leland and his info properties at:
His electronic magazine that publishes in February is at
His fastpitch video shows are at Fastpitch.TV
Have you seen his new Softball Magazine Fastpitch Magazine for the iPad??
His networks of sporting goods websites
You can visit for a great selection of podcasts.

You can visit his wallpaper & decorating store at


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