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About Us

The Struggling Entrepreneur is a free podcast series that deals with the issues, challenges and problems of the individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, but who encounters a somewhat difficult path and appears to be struggling. However, this podcast series also addresses the opportunities that await an inspiring and dedicated individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, along with recommended resources.

This podcast series will consist of both interviews of individuals who both struggled due to obstacles, but overcame them to become successful entrepreneurs. The stories from these individuals serve as lessons learned, templates for “best practices” and models for the upcoming entrepreneur. In addition, resource lists will be provided each month for additional information to point the entrepreneur where more assistance and help can possibly be found.

In addition to the podcast interviews, periodic “Entrepreneur Tips” will appear and be available for additional insight and perspective.

You can either play the mp3 audio file with the self-contained audio player via the icon next to the “show notes,” or you can choose to listen to the mp3 audio file in a separate pop-up audio player, right on the same web page. Or you may choose to download the mp3 audio file to your computer, so that you may play it in your computer’s mp3 player software or aggregator, or you may then transfer it to “pod-catcher” software, such as iTunes.

Gain Control of Your Day Podcast

This is a complementary podcast series, also sponsored by Matrix Solutions Corporation. This podcast deals with Personal Productivity tools and techniques used in Business, but with a focus on helping the online marketers, entrepreneurs, podcasters and small business owners—from the web site of It will provide free techniques and tips, as well as audio customer testimonials and references from those who have increased their productivity or have taken their small business to the next level.

These tools and techniques are included in a seminar that can help you increase your productivity so that you can:
– accomplish more and do more;
– in less time;
– with better quality, and
– with reduced stress.

Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs who are involved in online marketing, podcasting or teleseminar marketing can signifanctly increase their productivity and free up time to devote to the high-priority, meaningful objectives both in their professional and personal lives. Results from research will be given to measure productivity increases.

About Matrix Solutions Corporation

Matrix Solutions Corporation is a firm in Austin, Texas and has been in business since 1994 and has always provided web-based solutions for small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Originally, Matrix Solutions Corporation had delivered web page design and development solutions. With personnel certified by several firms in the area of Personal Productivity, Customer Service training and Time Management, Matrix Solutions Corpoation has been delivering education, training and skills to a multitude of firms in the United States, Canada and Mexico, where the feedback from our onsite classes has always been extremely favorable and outstanding. The company is also a certified trainer of the Q4 Systems, Inc., course on Personal Productivity.

The company has also provided services in Podcast Consulting. It has helped other firms in the small business and entrepreneur environments to plan and produce their company podcasts.

Matrix Solutions Corporation now provides the lifelong skill-building course and training sessions via podcast for online marketers, podcasters, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You may contact us via email: