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261- Entrepreneur Paul Colligan finds success in Content Creation and delivery

January 23rd, 2015

This audio episode of PODCAST REPORTER delivers the final installment episode of the mini-series that we have started in mid-year 2015, in which we interview those who were the early podcasters (who started podcasting in 2004 and 2005). In addition, this episode will be repurposed in other podcast shows (e.g., Struggling Entrepreneur, Boomers for Startups and Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts). This is following the method of ISYOT (“I see you out there”) that is mentioned during the interview.

Top among these early podcasters is Paul Colligan — someone who is not only a subject matter expert, but also a published author, public speaker, course-creator and educator, problem-solver, a trusted advisor, a thought leader, a visionary and luminary, as well as a pundit for the New Media space — including podcasting, videocasting (especially YouTube(R)) and other New Media content creation and delivery systems.

Paul has also been a mentor for various podcasters — including myself for the last 9 years.

Paul Colligan - public speaker As you will hear in this audio episode, Paul discusses his entry in 2004-2005 into the Podcasting space and the New Media Environment and his direction in making a business in this arena of content creation and delivery. He has never lost sight of “following your customers and delivering your MESSAGE” (i.e., content) to them in whatever channel or delivery method of consumption that they choose.

As a published author for both Podcasting and YouTube strategies, Paul is now working on his latest book titled–

How to Podcast: Broadcast Your Message in 4 Simple Steps to the World of Smartphones, Connected Cars, Tablets and more — Even if you don’t really know what Podcasting is.

Paul-Colligan-book-for-2015-2014-12-20_13-23-16This book is scheduled for launch in February-March of 2015 and will be a different type of writing than just a lot of technical hardware and software specifications and recommendations (which can become obsolete very quickly). Paul describes the purpose for his book and his unique style and content that it will contain — including some contributions from key podcasters with their stories of how they podcast. Also, Paul discusses the wealth of bonus material that will come with the book (which is worth a great deal, as they are current offerings today that will be available with the book). In addition, pre-orders are being accepted for those interested in getting a copy of it immediately upon availability in whatever format they choose from this link at

Paul also gives his ideas of podcasting in terms of whether it is an industry or just a community or just a vehicle for delivery.

And finally, Paul describes his current 2 podcast shows: The Podcast Report and Thinking Out Loud.

Paul’s information can be found at:

and speaking engagements can be booked at (503) 822-3486.


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260- Entrepreneur funding via Portal from Hall Martin of T.E.N.

January 11th, 2015


Here we deliver a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs seeking funding for their startup. It includes not only Angel Investors, but also Crowdfunding and live events of what is called called the FUNDING FORUM PROGRAM.

Hall T. Martin is the founder of  the Texas Entrepreneur Network also called T.E.N., which is at the URL of:

TEN web site

What does T.E.N. do?
In helping Entrepreneurs, Hall Martin describes it very simply:  “We help Texans raise funding.”

As you will hear in this brief audio episode (which is basically the audio portion of a brief, 2-minute video), Startups need to raise funding to launch their business. Traditional funding sources such as banks no longer lend to early stage companies especially to startups that are pre-revenue.
T.E.N.  has over 1000 investors in its network, and helps entrepreneurs find funding to grow their business. Entrepreneurs who have used our program have raised over $120 Million dollars,  and it continues to grow daily.
Hall continues:  “At T.E.N.,  we help you get the company ready, the investor documents ready, and then the campaign ready for engaging investors.  We coach you through the process of identifying, engaging, and following up potential investors for your deal.  We can show you where to find funding and how to access it.”
In addition, the state of Texas recently passed an intrastate crowdfunding law which lets anyone in the state of Texas invest in startups.  This opens up a new source of capital to entrepreneurs.
The T.E.N. Funding Program can work for entrepreneurs that are just starting or are well on the way to growing the business.

Hall also mentions:  “We have been helping Texas entrepreneurs raise funding for over 5 years.  We started by helping launch and build angel networks.   We ran funding forums across the state from Austin, to Dallas, to Houston, to El Paso, and more.  Today, we help entrepreneurs through the TEN Funding portal where we offer nine types of campaigns.”

Hall Martin of TEN

If you’re seeking funding, you can sign up to learn more about how you can raise funding by visiting the T.E.N. portal at:

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Copyright (c) 2014, Texas Entrepreneur Network (T.E.N.) at and Hall Martin. All rights reserved.

259- Building a Brand in a niche broadcast and podcast- Jason Bryant

December 26th, 2014


As a very young man, Jason Bryant always wanted to be a sports broadcaster. In his youth, he acquired the skills and experience to pursue his dream. And with the advent of podcasting, he is accomplishing his dream as an entrepreneur while being fully engrossed in the world of college wrestling and sports podcasting.

Image-jason-bryant_HOFAs you will hear in this audio interview, Jason Bryant is the founder of the show called Mat Talk Online. In addition, Jason has also created his own podcast network with seven podcast shows — all within his niche of sports podcasts, especially wrestling. The network can be located at:

MatTalkOnline-podcast-shows-2014-12-23_15-19-37Jason’s experience in the sphere of wresting also shows his credentials:

- President, National Wrestling Media Association;


- former W.I.N. Magazine Wrestling JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR;


His small business that he started rather recently brings in revenue with the offerings and services which he provides to his customers, the schools with wrestling programs.

A family man with his wife and young child, he is struggling at this time to strengthen his brand building with awareness, as well as delivering proofs-of-concept to his network of contacts (which he develops, nurtures and engages with professionalism).

As you will also note in this audio episode, Jason has been successful without having to go the route of a formal business plan. Indeed, he does have his self-developed  “marketing kit” which he uses to prepare the engagement of new clients to his programs.

And even though the road may be filled with all sorts of related opportunities, it is clear that his passion for sports broadcasting in the wresting arena (i.e., the wresting “mat”) will not be diluted by chasing after other types of “distractions.” That is, he has no plans to start a podcast about podcasting or other topics that may have become saturated in the podosphere.

However, he does consider himself a mentor that will talk to others interested in the niche and technology, and he will offer his counsel and advice, just to help out and “give back” to the podcast community. But his direction is to stay firm on the road of podcasting for his clients and to stay on the wrestling “mat.”

You can contact Jason Bryant at:

- email:

- twitter:  @jasonmbryant and also @mattalkonline

- telephone:  cell => 612-812-5983 and skype studio => 651-315-6171


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258- Veteran becomes Entrepreneur, author and podcaster- Tom Morkes

December 13th, 2014

Discipline, drive, organization, integrity and professionalism — these are the characteristics for successful entrepreneurship. These are also the cornerstones of Tom Morkes for his successful career in the US Army in logistics, especially in the war zone of the Middle East. Tom was deployed to Iraq with the 2nd Infantry Division.  Also, he joined the 5th Special Forces Group (an airborne unit) as an S-3 in the GSB (a logistics support battalion) in the last year in which he was in the Army, although he did not deplay with that unit.

Now once again a civilian, Tom has successfully made the transition to an entrepreneur — publisher, podcaster, author and role model. This is his story.

 Tom Morkes- then and now

 As you will hear in this audio episode, challenges and obstacles and problems are expectations that are met with adjustments, changes and creativity in adapting viagra to the new situation — which are the manners to overcome.

Tom is pursuing his entrepreneurship and provides consultation to veterans and others about strategies for success.

Tom can be contacted at:

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257- Entrepreneur uses skills to promote brand worldwide- Jonathan Li

December 8th, 2014

This episode delivers an interview with another international guest, Jonathan Li, who is a public speaker,  podcaster and the author of a free ebook titled The Expressive Leader: How to get over your fear of Public Speaking to gain credibility and to spread your message to more people.


 Jonathan Li

 From Hong Kong, this Entrepreneur early entrant used his skills that he polished in the area of public speaking to branch out and develop services, consulting and podcasts to enhance his own brand.

As you will hear in this episode, not only does Jonathan offer you a free ebook, but for those who sign up for the ebook, he will schedule a one-on-one consultation for free after you sign up for his list.

You can get your free copy of his 56-page ebook at the following link:

You may contact Jonathan Li via email at:

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256- Jake Desyllas focuses on “Becoming an Entrepreneur”

December 1st, 2014

We welcome Jake Desyllas from the UK (at the web site of: as an interviewee and international guest on this podcast.

Jake is a successful Entrepreneur, as well as a podcaster. He is also an author, as he just published a book called:  Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Find Freedom and Fulfillment as a Business Owner.

 Jake Desyllas and book

As you will hear in this episode, Jake’s advice comes from his OWN experiences and what he had to learn the hard way in the area of mindset, psychological adjustment and willingness to accept as an Entrepreneur to become successful.

At the end of this interesting discussion, he gives three bits of advice for entrepreneur startups:

1. Sell something (i.e., become proficient in sales at all times);

2. Measure everything (i.e., not just the financials, but time and operations and success reasons, etc.); and

3. Fund yourself from sales and revenue (i.e., avoid the easy temptation of loans for capitalization all the time).

If you wish to contact Jake, all his information can be found at:


Select this link to view Jake’s book on


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255- New Media Entrepreneur – Doug Welch

November 26th, 2014

Baby Boomer Douglas E. Welch of the very first podcasters in the podosphere (since September, 2004) was also one of the very first New Media content producers who standardized in (1) repurposing content from a written column or blog: and (2) using screencasts to provide additional value to all 6 of his early podcast shows; and (3) taking viagra a lead in organizing virtual events in the Bar-Camp style of un-conferences.

Douglas had his first podcast, Career Opportunities, and then added 5 more shows to become a prolific podcaster in multiple genres — from business, careers, gardening, finance, and high-tech discussions.

His current podcasts are available for subscription at

His background is creative and not conventional — he was a THEATER major in college, but he was successful as an Entrepreneur for many years with his freelance computer-and-LAN installation-and-support business.

As you will hear in this audio episode, crawling under tables and desks to install or unclog the coils of cable that grow in IT locations was something less than desirable. So he decided to go into helping others with counsel, advice, public speaking, presentations and consulting for New Media, including screencasting, podcasting, video, blogging and other New Media areas. In addition, he is the author of 5 published books on and other publishers.

Doug Welch as an author

Doug continues to be a driving force in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California with his own “Tribe” called New Media Interchange.

If you wish to contact Doug, please visit

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252- CoachZing interview by Doug Foresta examines Content Creation monetization

October 22nd, 2014

The CoachZing Show is a podcast series, available on iTunes and other directories, which delivers interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, authors and speakers — to discover tips and techniques for effective content creation and marketing. It is available on iTunes and other directories, and it is a free podcast show.

Doug Foresta is the interviewer and host of this podcast show.

In this episode, we have a repurposed interview — as it is originally published by The reason why we deliver it in entirety and unedited as the final mp3 file published by CoachZing is that the person being interviewed is Fred Castaneda, who is also the host of The Struggling Entrepreneur podcast and the Podcast Reporter podcast (just 2 of the current active 7 shows).

As you will hear in this audio episode, Doug discusses the potential mistakes of content creators in the world of New Media and podcasting. He also discovers some of the strategies for entrepreneurs to make podcasting a successful tool as part of their marketing. They can do this by generating revenue streams by adding podcasting to their marketing.


 We thank Doug for his interview and we know it will provide value to the aspiring entrepreneurs who deal with content creation.


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Copyright (c) 2014, Doug Foresta and and Fred Castaneda of and All rights reserved.

253- Interview with successful Screencasters and Podcasters- Ray Ortega and Lon Naylor

October 3rd, 2014

Ray Ortega is a professional podcaster.  In addition to his own part-time entrepreneurial work as an audio podcaster (with his own shows like The Podcasters Studio and Podcasters Roundtable), his main day-job is that of a video podcaster for a non-profit organization.

In this episode, Ray delivers his story of how he creates video content and then repurposes it as an audio podcast, with the proper iTunes listing and feed to his audience — the Podcasters Roundtable.

In addition, Lon Naylor also describes the formula for repurposing audio podcast episodes into compelling, creative, visually engaging and message-driven screencasts with a good call-to-action.

Lon Naylor - success in screencastingIn fact, Lon completed the opposite approach for repurposing content. He took an audio podcast episode from; and then he added animation, visual images graphics and templates, as well as callouts, zooms, pans and other visual properties to create a quality screencast. You can see this finished work at:

 Podcasting quick tip as screencast:

In this episode’s quick tip, we deliver a screencast for the novice podcaster who has created their final wav file from a free editor (like Audacity) and now would like to encode it as a final mp3 file.

However, using the lame encoder in your podcast workflow path will not deliver the best audio quality if your episode is mainly dialogue or an interview (and not music). There is another mp3 encoder that is free to use, and it is within the iTunes(R) program. It can generate the mp3 final file with a higher quality encoder used for dialog.

This screencast link will walk you through how to (1) take your wav file and import it to iTunes; (2) how to prepare the settings in iTunes for quality mp3 encoding; (3) how to start and finish the mp3 encoding; and (4) how to copy your final mp3 file to your subdirectory for further processing (with mp3TagTools, for instance) or delivery to your media host.

Select this link to view the screencast tip as an mp4 file:

Encoding the final mp3 file with iTunes

Note: this screencast was created as the “raw” version in the workflow of short tutorial screencasts, which use the following steps:

(a) Create the total screencast using Camtasia Studio;

(b) Edit certain sections of the screencast in audio/video with Camtasia Studio (the result is what you see in this link, the “raw” video edited first draft);

While this screencast may suffice for most purposes, there is room for additional touching-up that can really make this screencast a better experience for the viewer/listener who is consuming this tutorial. The other parts of the workflow is what will be discussed in the upcoming course of Screencasting for Podcasters and will be:

(c) Adding animations, callouts and pan/zooms to enhance the visual engagement of the content; and finally,

(d) Adding the visual intro and outro content to complete the final screencast.

As promised, we will deliver podcasting or screencasting quick tips with future episodes of Skills in Screencasts and Podcasts.


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Copyright (C) 2014, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Logical Drive Marketing, LLC. All rights reserved.

251- Summary of a niche-based Entrepreneur-specific conference: Podcast Movement

September 19th, 2014

A conference that was started by 4 podcasters and crowd-funded via Kickstarter took place from August 15-17, 2014, in Dallas, Texas. This was a conference specifically designed for podcasters as an audience, and sponsored by podcasters. The conference was called Podcast Movement.


We had talked about this venture in an earlier episode of this podcast series, and now we report to you about the results of this new conference series.

As you will hear in this audio episode, we analyze this conference as one that had a large community of  Entrepreneurs as the majority of attendees — many veteran successful small business owners, as well as aspiring Entrepreneurs whose passion is podcasting, and who sought to learn more about monetizing their podcasts.

Because this was the first conference of this type since 2008, it did get off to a slow start, as far as aggressive networking and self-community-building were concerned. But the passion and excitement of the community finally came about. And, like a fire-storm, it enveloped the entire audience to deliver a worthwhile experience that provided the following value (which were the objectives of a co-founder, Gary Leland):

- It was a great time where the attendee had a lot of fun; and

- It was an event that provided a lot of education where the attendee learned a lot about podcasting.

Also, you will see that this conference is already scheduled for August of 2015 for the second annual Podcast Movement.

We also get some feedback and stories from some of the veteran entrepreneurs, like Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting, who have been in the podosphere space for the past 9 years.

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